How can I send Bulk SMS?

If you have a CRM or other solution or process on your side that allows you to pull the data you use for your messages into an easy to format Excel/CSV file, you might prefer to prepare a file outside of our Dashboard and not store or import information beforehand into your MessageBird account.

You can upload a preformatted .xls, .xlsx, .csv or .txt Contact file with the use of the Bulk Messaging function within your Dashboard.


In addition to recipient numbers, you can upload unique originator, message content, and schedule sending times.

The file that you upload needs to be completely stripped from any data/formulas that is not needed for the sending. It should at a minimum contain:

Originator, recipient and content. As you can see in the example below, these can vary greatly.

Column A: Recipient

Column B: Originator

Column C: Content

Column D: Scheduled time


When you’ve selected your file and hit ‘Next’, you see the next screen where you ‘tell’ the system what data values it can find in which column and select next again.


All you need to do is verify that the system has recognised your uploaded file correctly and hit ‘Send SMS’!


 Bulk Messaging Template.xlsx