How can I set up a SIP-Trunk?

First, you need to authenticate your VoIP-platform to start making outbound calls.

The easiest way to do so, is by adding the IP-address of your VoIP platform or creating an account in our Dashboard.  

When you are logged in to our Dashboard, click on Voice icon in the left-hand menu and select "SIP Trunking"


A new screen will open on the Dashboard. On the top bar you see "SIP Trunks" and "Access Control".

You can now fill in your details in just 2 steps explained below, or watch our video tutorial:



Step 1: Add an ACL

The first step is to create an Access Control List (ACL). An ACL is used to define which IP-addresses and/or username-password accounts are allowed to make use of your account. To manage the authentication of your VoIP infrastructure you can create multiple ACL’s, each with one or more accounts.


On the top menu click on "Access Control" followed by "Add New" in the left menu in "Domains".




You can name each ACL in a new pop-up window for your own reference.


After saving the ACL it appears in the overview in the left hand menu.

When you click the ACL name you see a new screen where you can add add IP-addresses and/or username-password accounts.


Please note: In case an ACL contains at least 1 IP-address and 1 account, they both need to be used in the SIP-INVITE header. The SIP-INVITE header is used to set-up a VoIP call and contains typically between 4 and 6 header entries with contact information.

Below you find an example of a FROM field as part of SIP-INVITE header with username 31000000:

SIP from address: sip:31000000@[yourdomain];transport=UDP



Step 2: Add a Subdomain

The second step is to create a subdomain. A subdomain is a personal DNS name inside the domain, for example Only calls to this specific subdomain will be authenticated by the attached ACL’s.


To add a subdomain, in the top menu click on "SIP Trunks" followed by "Add New" in the Left menu in "Domains".



You see a pop-up screen where you can insert your own subdomain name. The field "Name" can be used for your own reference.

The field "Domain" is the address used for your SIP-communication. A valid domain name contains:

  • Minimum of 1 character
  • Valid characters range from 0-9, a-z and A-Z   


After creating a Domain you can attach an ACL to this Domain by selecting the domain in the left hand menu and clicking on "Attach Access Control List". You can select the preferred ACL to attach to this domain in a pop-up window.

Select the right ACL and save your choice. On the SIP Trunks page you’ll find an overview of the ACLs attached to this particular domain.

Please note:

  • A domain can have multiple attached ACLs
  • An ACL can be attached to multiple domains


Now you are ready to place calls from your VoIP platform to our SIP servers. Please be aware that only accounts attached to this domain can place calls. Therefore the full domain name should be used in the SIP-INVITE header.

Below is an example of an SIP-INVITE header: