What do I need to receive replies?

In order to receive replies in your MessageBird dashboard or through the API on your sent messages, you will need to use a Virtual Number or our Shared Number as originator. 

It is not possible to receive replies when using a textual (Alpha) originator, as there is no number to reply to linked to a textual originator.

The shared Number is in fact a number from a pool of random numbers owned by MessageBird. The main difference between the Shared and Dedicated Number is that the shared number can only be used when the recipient hits reply on a message sent out from you, as this is required for us to link this incoming message to your account. Using a dedicated number you will receive any messages sent to that particular number, as a dedicated number is a number linked to your account only.


Check out the differences between Shared and Dedicated Numbers here on our website or read more about Where can I view my replies?



Receiving messages

Textual (Alpha) Sender ID

Dedicated Number

Shared Number

Replies only