What is the difference between a Voice Message and Voice Call?

We provide voice call services to reach customers all over the world. Using our Voice API you will be able to create custom Voice applications, add menus to your call flow with IVR and protect user’s privacy with masked numbers. You can also use our Voice API to play a prerecorded message. 


Voice Messages convert text into a call, where an automated voice will read out your message. No technical knowledge is required to send a voice message. You can simply send voice messages from the MessageBird dashboard by entering the message in text. Our system will then automatically convert the plain text into an automated call. Note that voice messages only work for plain text, and are billed per message rather than per second, which is the case for Voice Calls. At the moment it is not possible to upload a pre-recorded sound file to send out as a voice message via the Dashboard.


Please see below for a layout of the features for Voice Messages and Voice Calls:


Voice Message

Voice Call

Text to Speech

Play voice recording

Caller ID

Masked numbers

Accessible from Dashboard

Interactive Voice Response

Record and archive

Answering Machine Detection

Billed per message

Billed per second