What is the difference between Bulk Messaging and a Group Message?

Your MessageBird Dashboard features two different options to send SMS messages to a large amount of recipients: Bulk Messaging and Group SMS.


Group Messages

A Group Message is an SMS message sent from the dashboard to a specific group of contacts that has been added to your contact list before. A Group Message is used to send one message with the same content to a large group of recipients. Within this message, you can use custom fields as variables linked to the recipient you are sending the message to: e.g. a first name that will be inserted automatically for each recipient. Sending a Group Message is easy: simply click on Send Campaign in the SMS drop down menu, insert the message and personalised fields (if applicable), and then select the group of of contacts as recipients in the recipients field.

How to add contacts to your MessageBird Dashboard?

How to send a Group Message?

How to personalise your SMS Message?


Bulk Messaging

Bulk Messaging is a way to send out a large amount of messages at the same time, without having to send every message separately to our dashboard. When sending a bulk message, simply insert the originator, recipient, content and scheduled time of sending for each message in a spreadsheet that can be uploaded in the Bulk Messaging tool on your MessageBird Dashboard. In contrast to group SMS, when using Bulk Messaging you can send completely different messages to different recipients. You are completely flexible to use a different originator, message content, and scheduled sending time for each message in the spreadsheet.

More information on how to use Bulk Messaging can be found here: Bulk Messaging.


When should I used Group SMS or Bulk Messaging?

We suggest using Group SMS when you are planning to send one message (with limited personalization) to a large group of recipients at the same time. Are you looking for a tool to send a large amount of completely messages which gives you complete flexibility for each message? Then Bulk Messaging will be the tool of your choice.


Table: Bulk vs. Group Messaging


Message content



Custom fields

Custom message


Custom numbers

Bulk Messaging

Group Messaging