How to add a LINE Bot to the Chat API

Getting started with LINE is easy! Follow these steps to be up and running in no time!

  1. In order to create a LINE Bot you will need a LINE account.
    a. Once you’ve created a normal LINE account, and registered your email and password under 'Email Registration', you will have to create a LINE business account. To do so, log in here with your normal LINE account:

  2. Once you’ve walked through the process of creating a Business Account you will be sent to the Get Started page.
         a. Select the Developer Trial Account option. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the big blue ‘Start’ button.

  3. You’ll now be taken to the page where we will create a business (Bot) account.
         a. Here you will choose a name for your Bot and optionally upload a photo. When done, click Submit.

  4. Next, agree with the terms and conditions of LINE. Then do a final check before clicking Create to officially create your LINE Bot.

  5. Congratulations! Your Bot is ready to use. You will be sent to your Line Manager page. 'Under Settings'> 'Bot settings' select 'Enable API' then hit 'Confirm'. Under 'Request Settings' allow 'webhooks'. Then, under 'Bot Settings' click on the link next to 'LINE developers'.
  6. This will open a new window in LINE Developers with the details of the new Bot you have created!
         b. Be sure to write down the Channel ID, Channel Secret, MID and your Channel Access Token as you will need them later.

  7. The last thing to do in the LINE Business center is add the callback URL to the Chat API:
         a. Go to the bottom of the page click on the green EDIT button in the bottom right corner.
         b. The Callback URL is as follows:{channel-ID}. Fill in your own Channel ID where it says {channel-ID}.
         c. To clarify with an example, if your channel ID is 1466235768, the callback URL is
         d. Once you’ve done this, click on the green SAVE button.

  8. The next step is to add your Bot to the Chat API.
         a. Navigate to your Channels page and choose to add a new LINE Channel.
         b. Fill in the name you’d like to give the Channel, the Bot’s ChannelId, ChannelSecret and MID you received and wrote down at Step 6.
         c. The Callback URL can be left empty unless you specifically want to use it.

Done! You’ve just created a LINE Bot and added it to the Chat API. You are now all set to send the first message to your LINE Bot.


Note: The LINE bot you have just created will be allowed to have up to 50 friends/contacts. If your bot requires more than that you can request an upgrade from LINE here: This takes about 5-10 business days to process and will up the limit from 50 to 5000.

If you need even more friends/contacts you can request to become a partner here: