How to add SMS to the Chat API

Getting started with SMS is super easy! Follow these steps to be up and running in no time! Do note that you will need a MessageBird Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) to use SMS in combination with the Chat API.


  1. After you’ve chosen SMS as the Channel you want to add, you’ll be presented with a short form. The first field is a name you can define yourself.

  2. Next step is to pick a VMN from the dropdown showing all VMNs you own. If you don’t own a VMN yet, you can click on ‘VMN’ to buy one!

  3. Optionally add a Callback URL but if you don’t need one, click on ‘Save’ and you’re all set!

Done! You’ve just connected a VMN to the Chat API. You are now all set to receive and send the first SMS messages using Chat API.