A simple, but effective, way of automating your two-way communication with your customers is the use of the If this, then that settings in the Numbers section of your MessageBird Dashboard.

You can teach the system to trigger certain actions based on inbound messages/calls.

Click on ‘Numbers’ in the left hand menu in your account, and select the edit icon to the right of the number. This will take you to the configuration page. For an SMS rule, using dropdown variables you can configure your rule, and using the plus icon add as many as you like!


Based on the Number capabilities, you can add SMS and/or Voice rules. For Voice Numbers you can set up forwarding or voice messages for inbound calls. 



If you want the same set up for all your Numbers, then you can go to the Default Number configuration on the Numbers page and set up a blanket rule for all Numbers. If you are using our Shared Number, you can set up a rules by clicking on MessageBird Number.