Basic rules to consider

  • Make sure that the messages you are sending are for recipients who have accepted to receive (marketing) messages from your company/website. We would recommend for this to be included in your Terms & Conditions or even a separate tick box when people agree to you storing their contact details in your system. This type of information is what we call 'proof of opt-in', which links in with providing an 'opt-out'-option.
  • Generally, recipients need to be able to opt-out of your messages. In some countries this is stricter than others and some operators may even adhere to their own standards in this regard. We would recommend to include a VMN in your message or promotional material announcing an offer to allow people to request to receive information, or also let you know that they don't want to receive any more of your messages.
  • When using your company name as originator this needs to be a valid existing company. Sending messages in the name of a third party or a copyrighted trademark for which you don't have the rights or licence to send messages as, can lead to severe legal implications and will result in a definitive block from our platform