Local networks in Canada apply severe restrictions on what types of messages and the volume that is allowed. Our platform is setup so it adheres to these restrictions in the best way possible, based on official guidelines provided by the carriers.


Sender ID Restrictions

When sending to a Canadian number the sender of your message must be a Canadian Virtual Number

Can I send with a name/letters as the sender? No The message will be blocked by the network
Can I send with an international number as the sender? No The message will be blocked by the network
Can I send with a local number as the sender? Yes To send to Canada you must use a Virtual Number
Can I send a message with over 160 characters as 1 SMS? No Message will be delivered as separate messages



Content Restrictions

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is officially not supported in Canada and operator's preserve the right to filter and block messages that are of a bulk nature and don't adhere to their internal guidelines.


Operator's consider messages to be bulk if there is a group of messages with the same/similar content sent using the same originator. We've found that when split across smaller groups (<100 messages) and different times of sending (spaces of 5 minutes, for example), allows for a better delivery rate.

Maximum Messages

Our platform allows for 500 SMS (160 characters) per VMN per day to be sent and we will throttle the amount of messages to be sent out at 1 SMS per second. If you send more than this volume, our platform will not send these but you may still be charged.


Delivery within this threshold can be affected by the above mentioned restrictions applied at the networks' discretion. This is out of our control.


It is not allowed to send messages that promote gambling, betting and/or adult content as well as website links. All messages that can be considered spam and/or unsolicited may be filtered. This out of our control.


Update 28/07/2017 17:30 CEST: 

As per 31st of July, local operators in Canada are increasing their filtering guidelines. As a result of this, previously accepted traffic may be considered unsolicited and may be blocked. Unfortunately this is out of MessageBird's control.
Traffic that has been delivered successfully, does not necessarily imply compliance with industry guidelines and regulations. Due to a lack of insight from the local operators we are unable provide further, proactive details on additional filtering that may take place.