Number Restrictions

Some restrictions do apply when using Numbers. You can find specific restrictions per country on our Country Features page.

Numbers are best used for local, two-way communication, for receiving SMS from local mobiles rather than internationally.

SMS vs. Voice Numbers

We are not able to ‘add’ Voice or SMS functionality to a Number. Some numbers are enabled for both, others only for one or the other. You can specify which number capabilities you need when you purchase one.  

If the Number in your account is neither Voice- nor SMS-enabled, you’ll need to purchase another number with that functionality.

United States/Canada

For a full overview of United States and Canada related restrictions, you can check the Country Features page.

American and Canadian Numbers have a daily limit of 500 SMS per day, and 1 SMS per second.

If you want to send more than 500 SMS per day, or require a higher throughput, you can buy additional Numbers.

For example: 3 Numbers = 3 SMS per second and 1500 SMS per day.

If you’re using our API and your dedicated Number, you will have to bear this in mind when setting up your configuration.

If you ignore these regulations, the operator may block your Number. We cannot be held accountable for this. For the Shared Number we take care of the limitations for you by throttling.

Receiving Verification Codes

Please note that Numbers are sometimes able to receive messages from applications, but this is not guaranteed. Numbers are designed for, two-way communication with a SIM card phone number, not for receiving from a system like the ones that generate verification codes.

Login codes that are generated by applications and sent using a shortcode or alpha sender ID, may not be received by the Number.