How do I set up a marketing campaign?

If you are looking to reach your audience in a effective and efficient way here are some pointers on how to make sure your campaign reaches your targeted audience.

  • Make sure you have an opt-in/opt-out option available to your clients. Adding a VMN to your account and setting up a flow will make this very easy to manage.
  • Have your client database fully up to date: all numbers should have a prefix for their respective country and be formatted like 31612345678 (remove the + and drop the 0 at the beginning of the mobile number). Import them in to groups so you can easily select your audience and keep an overview of which clients can be contacted for what.
  • Schedule your campaigns. This allows you to make the message personal and reach your audience at the perfect time
  • Set up a test group and send the message you are planning to send out to the group, a few hours before your campaign goes out. This allows you to trial if all looks correct and to test your opt-in/opt-out option.