How do I connect RSA SecurID (EMC) to MessageBird's SMS Gateway?


It's quite easy to connect RSA SecurID® On-demand (SMS) Authenticator to your MessageBird Account. This article describes how to get up & running for sending One Time Password messages in no time. Note: at the moment One Time Password for RSA SecurID is only supported by our old API (not the REST API). Read the documentation on this API for more information. 

RSA SecurID® On-demand (SMS) Authenticator configuration

Configuration setup is done within the RSA Authentication Manager’s Security Console. There you'll find three sections: Tokencode Delivery by SMS, SMS Provider and SMS HTTP Proxy. You won't need the last setting to connect with MessageBird.

Tokencode Delivery by SMS setup

  • Delivery by SMS:
    Select the check-box to enable delivery of One Time Password messages.

  • User Attribute to Provide SMS Destination:
    Select the attribute that will maintain SMS data.

  • Default country code:
    Enter the land code of the country where your server is located (for example: 44 for the United Kingdom).

  • SMS Plug-In:
    Select HTTP in the drop-down menu.

SMS Provider configuration

Enter the details as stated below within the RSA SecurID SMS provider Configuration.

  • Base URL:

  • Certificate:
    Download one or both certificates (.crt file or .cer file) and import the file.
  • *** New certificate files from January 10th 2017 11:00 (CET): .crt<> file or .cer<> file ***
  • HTTP Method:
    Select GET in the drop-down menu.

  • Parameters:
    Copy and paste the following string (please note: the sender parameter may contain a maximum of 11 characters): 

  • Account Username:
    Enter the username of your MessageBird Account.

  • Account Password:
    Enter the password of your API. Please note that it's possible the password of your MessageBird Account and the one to access your API are different.

  • Success Response Code:

  • Response Format: