Email to SMS in just 3 easy steps

Email to SMS allows you to send messages directly from your email to your contacts’ mobile phones!

  1. The first thing to do is to configure the email address that you are going to send from. Go to your MessageBird account, and on left side select Applications > Email to SMS.
  2. Click on ‘+Email’ on the top right and enter the email address you would like to send from.Screen_Shot_2017-04-14_at_12.13.04.png
  3. You can add as many email addresses as you would like in this section, and configure the settings for the domain by clicking on the edit icon on the right.
  • Default originator: If you would like to have the same originator every time, enter this here.
  • SMS in subject: The text in the email subject line will be sent as the body of the SMS.
  • DLR status: Choose whether you want to receive a status report and which report you would like to receive.
  • DLR email address/ Error email address: Specify to which email address you would like to receive status/error reports if different from sender.
  • Voice or SMS Message: Let us know if you want to send SMS or Voice messages from this particular email/domain.


You can also check our video tutorial below on how to configure the Email to SMS settings in your dashboard:

Now you’re ready to go send the message from your Email account!


Configure your email as shown below:


  • To: <recipientnumber>
  • Subject line: Originator (unless you have chosen a default sender in the configuration).
  • Email Body: Your SMS message (unless you have ticked the option that you want the subject line to be the SMS message).

The SMS will arrive on the phone like this:


Sending to groups:

You can also send SMS messages from one of the email addresses registered in your MessageBird account to groups of contacts. The group name can only contain standard characters and numbers (no spaces or special characters).

To send an Email to SMS message, use the following recipient format:

  • <groupname>