Add Contacts

You can manually enter contacts one by one in your Contacts here, but you can also import numbers to your MessageBird Account, either using an excel file, or by copy and pasting!

Go to Contacts on the left hand side of your account and select Import at the top.

1. You will see the following screen. First choose Paste Text or Upload File.



Paste text: Paste the numbers into the textbox as shown, separate any extra information either with a comma or semicolon, e.g. 11234567890;John;Doe
Upload File: Choose your file and select ‘Open’. For CSV files the maximum number of contacts per import is 50K, for XLSX the maximum is 10K.


2. Define your Delimiter. This is what is used to separate the different information fields. If in doubt go for ‘Automatic’ and the system will try its best to identify the different fields.
3. For Action, select ‘Add Contacts’.
4. For Group chose one of the following:

  • ‘Do not add contacts to a group’ - If you want them added to your Address Book, but not to any group yet.
  • ‘Group name is indicated in a column’ - If you have the group name or names in your file already.
  • ‘Choose an existing group’ - If you want to add them to an existing group in your Address Book.
  • ‘Enter the name of a new group’ - If you want to create a new group from these contacts.

Now you can go to the bottom right and select ‘Next’.

5. At this step you can verify the information in each column for your contacts. Select the variables from the drop down menus at the top for each column as shown below.


Once done, select next in the bottom right.

6. Now you can check and save your contacts. The summary at the top indicates how many numbers you have from each country. Then choose ‘Save Contacts’.


All duplicates will be automatically removed by the system, you can see the full overview of duplicates removed, errors and the numbers imported on the Import page at the bottom.

Finished! You can go back to your Contacts and view them in there.

N.B. To remove contacts: You can automatically remove numbers from your contacts by importing an excel file of the numbers that you would like to remove. Follow the same steps below- but at step 3 for Action select ‘Remove Contacts’.