What is a Keyword?


Keywords are unique points of reference that you can use to funnel contact streams on a Number, your own short code or a shared short code. To set this up on a Number, you can use our If this, Then that functionality.

In the case of a shared short code, as the shortened number is shared with other customers, the keyword is the point of reference for your account. A cheaper option that we can provide in the UK and the Netherlands, is a sub keyword. This effectively works the same as a keyword, but with a predefined main keyword before the keyword of your choice.

If you would for example purchase the keyword 'BIRD' on our shared short code in the Netherlands (1008), this would allow you to receive all messages sent by Dutch mobile numbers starting with BIRD, followed by a space and then the remainder of the message, directly in your account. If you purchase your own short code, you could set up an unlimited amount of keywords under that short code.

Please note that the Keyword or Sub Keyword cannot be longer than 1 word.