In which charset can I deliver SMS messages and what should I take into consideration?

You can deliver SMS messages via the HTTP-API in different charsets.

If you know which charset you provide your SMS messages with, you can indicate this in the charset parameter. If this parameter isn't provided, MessageBird tries to detect the charset automatically.

The default charset for SMS messages is the GSM 03.38 charset. Unfortunately, many characters are not included in this charset. To avoid problems, our HTTP API automatically transforms characters that are not present in the GSM 03.38 charset into related characters. For example, we turn ‘ç’ into ‘c’ and ‘®’ into ‘R’. We apply this to both the message itself and the originator (if alphanumeric).

In our HTTP-API documentation you will find information about how you can switch off this transformation (replacechars). In this case, if a message contains non-GSM characters, the message will be sent in Unicode. Keep in mind that text messages can only contain a maximum of 70 characters because the characters will take up 16 bits instead of 7 bits.

If you have a connection to our platform with SMPP or EMI/UCP, charsets are automatically handled correctly.