Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is a very reliable, high-conversion method of promoting special offers and attracting new customers. However, there are also some regulations and best practices to be aware of. You can check these in our Bulk SMS section.

Here are some quick pointers:

  1. Make sure your recipients have agreed to receive (marketing) messages from your company/website.
  2. Recipients need to be able to opt out of receiving your messages. We recommend sending your messages with a unique Number which allows recipients to respond, or including an opt out number in your message.
  3. In some countries, operators may enforce an opt out system or block bulk sending altogether. For more information per country, make sure to check our country features.
  4. When using a company name as an originator, it needs to be a valid existing company.
  5. Sending messages in the name of a third party or a copyrighted trademark for which you don't have the rights or licence can have severe legal implications and will result in a definitive block from our platform.