How can I send a Voice Message?

You can send voice messages (text-to-speech) directly from your MessageBird Dashboard with the same personalisation capabilities as SMS messages. Just go to Voice>Send Voice Message on the lefthand menu.


Step 1: Creating the message



In the two drop-down menus, you can select a range of languages per country, with a preference of male/female voice. In the bottom right corner, it shows the amount of characters that are still available within the message and you can select how often you want the message to play.


Repeating a message can be particularly useful when sending login tokens/one-time-passwords or when including a number that you’re requesting a call back on. This can also lengthen the message enough to avoid a possible voicemail ‘catching’ the message.

Step 2: Originator & Recipients

In the next step, you tell our system what you want to show as the caller ID on the phone when the call is placed (a name is not possible, unfortunately) and who you want to send the message to. This can also be a group!



Step 3: Verify your voice message

You’ve entered your voice message, selected your recipients/groups and now you want to make sure that it’s what you want to send or schedule it to be sent at a later moment in time.

If you want to choose a specific time, you can select the Schedule option and define a time/day/date/repeated message to suit your needs.

If you need to make any changes, you can select back in the last step without losing the entered information. Keep in mind that the time that you schedule it in the time zone in which you’ve set up your account.