Remove Contacts

You can actually remove a whole list of contacts using an excel file and out Import Contacts function, instead of selecting and deleting them manually in the Contacts section.

If you have an excel file of contacts that you would like to delete from your address book you can simply follow the instructions for ‘Import contacts’ (link).

If you would like to export a group from your existing contacts, and then use this file remove these- first follow the instructions for ‘Exporting Contacts’ (link).

In step 3, select ‘Remove Contacts’ as your Action, rather than ‘Add Contacts’.


You can choose to

  1. Remove contacts as a whole- this will remove them completely from your MessageBird account.
  2. Group name is indicated in the column - if the group at you would like to remove these contacts form is indicated in the file, you can select this option.
  3. Select Group - Choose from which of your existing groups you would like to remove these contacts from.

Follow the same steps as outlined for Importing Contacts, and the chosen contacts will be deleted from your contacts entirely or the chosen group.


Please see our video tutorial below to see how you can delete contacts: