Create an opt-out

If you want to automate your opt out responses, you can easily do this by setting up a Flow on your Number.

You can teach the system to trigger certain actions based on the content of the inbound messages. Using this alongside groups in contacts you can manage your opt outs automatically!

When sending out a campaign, make sure your contacts are in a group.

If you configure a flow as shown below, those users who reply ‘Stop’ will be automatically removed from the group specified.



This will remove the contacts from the group, but they will remain in your address book.

You can also create multiple flows if you need to keep track of all opt outs for your own reference. You can set up something like this:



N.B If you're submitting via an API connection, and want to manage opt-outs, we recommend doing so on your side of the connection to avoid confusion.


You can also check our video tutorial below to see how you can set up opt-ins and opt-outs via our Flow Builder: