Rules to consider


  • Make sure your recipients have accepted to receive (marketing) messages from your company/website. This can be included in your Terms & Conditions or an opt in when customers store their contact details in your system. This gives you 'proof of opt-in', which might be required by operators in certain countries.


  • Recipients need to be able to opt out of your messages. We recommend sending with a Number, or including an opt out number in your message, which allows end users to respond.


  • In some countries, operators may enforce an opt system of their own by overriding to a number of their own and adding an ‘opt out’ onto your messages. For more information per country you can check the features.


  • When using a company name as the originator this needs to be a valid existing company. Sending messages in the name of a third party or a copyrighted trademark for which you don't have the rights or licence to send messages as, can lead to severe legal implications and will result in a definitive block from our platform.