Within a Workspace you can have subaccounts. You can create and view your subaccounts by clicking on on the Workspace name in the upper right corner and click on ‘Subaccounts’ in the dropdown menu. You will then have the option to add and remove your subaccounts.



The difference between a Workspace and subaccount is that a Workspace has financial control over the subaccount. You can either have the subaccount use the balance of the Workspace (all the message they sent will be deducted from the balance of the Workspace and they will not see the balance themselves) or you can allocate a certain amount to the subaccount yourself.


People who have access to a subaccount can ONLY access that subaccount, they cannot switch between them or log into the main Workspace.


Having subaccounts is especially useful when you for example have a few different clients who are using the MessageBird platform and you want them to manage their own workflows, but you want financial control.