Bulk Messaging

If you have all the information for a campaign ready to go in an excel file you can use our Bulk Messaging function in your account.

You must have the following information in your excel

  1. Recipient Numbers
  2. Originator
  3. Message body

You can also include a date/time column to schedule SMS to be sent at different times, in the following format:

(Y-m-d H:i, e.g.: 2017-03-24 15:45)



Go to Applications> Bulk Messaging. Choose your file, and when you would like to send out; directly, schedule date/time or as indicated in a column.

Hit next in the bottom left, and now identify which parameters are in which columns from the drop down menus at the top, and hit next.


Verify and send! The countries and costs of your campaign come up in the final stage, check the details and hit send to schedule/send out your SMS.


If you need to view, edit or cancel your SMS, just go to SMS&Voice> Overview and select ‘Scheduled’.

Bulk Messaging Template.xlsx