Premium SMS

MessageBird is currently able to offer Premium SMS only in the Netherlands. If you are looking for this for another country, please contact our Sales team. The below description is hence only referring to the Netherlands

To set up Premium SMS, you need a short code and/or a unique keyword on our shared short code (1008 for NL). For an inbound SMS, the enduser pays the same as he/she would for any other SMS from their subscription plan/prepaid card. The response SMS that you, as our customer, send back can be charged with an amount between 0,25 EUR and 3 EUR. This response SMS cannot exceed the 160 characters, otherwise it will not deliver. The exact possible tariffs and payout can be found on the following link (in Dutch):

If you have purchased your own short code with us, you can configure as many key words on this short code as you like. Alternatively, you can select a (sub) keyword on our shared short code 1008. By texting your keyword to 1008, our system detects to which account the inbound SMS belongs. Based on the action that you have configured in your Dashboard, this inbound message can be forwarded to a URL (if you’re integrating this with our API), send a reply, send a paid reply (Premium SMS) or do nothing if you only want to collect potential new customers/contacts.

A keyword is priced at 45 EUR per month (excl. VAT), a sub keyword costs 8 EUR per month (excl. VAT). Both are available for a minimum of 3 months.

Please note that the Keyword or Sub Keyword cannot be longer than 1 word.


You’re holding a competition where people can win a trip to Thailand and you want them to take part via SMS but pay a small one time fee per entry. You could purchase the keyword THAILAND on 1008, set up a direct reply that is priced at 2 EUR per SMS and for each inbound SMS (participant) with that keyword we will automatically reply with your configured message and the provider of the participant will bill the person in their next phone bill for the cost.

The earnings will be paid out to you 3 months after the sending of the SMS and when the total amount is a minimum of 25 EUR.