Configure IFTTT with MessageBird SMS

The MessageBird IFTTT Channel enables you to connect our messaging services to hundreds of other applications and programs. You’ll be able to receive notifications and alerts via SMS, Chat or Voice, or use messages to trigger actions within any app or program featured on IFTTT.


This article will take you through the steps to set up SMS messaging capability through our IFTTT Channel. In order to create an IFTTT Applet that sends SMS messages with MessageBird, you’ll need to do the following:


  1. Log in to IFTTT (Or create an IFTTT account if you haven’t already).


  1. Head over to My Applets, which you’ll find near the top center of your page.


  1. Press the ‘New Applet’ button on the left.


  1. Press the ‘this’ link within the “if this then that” text.


  1. Select the program or application you’d like to start with (for example, The Weather Channel).


  1. Set up your chosen trigger. This process will differ depending on the program or app you’ve selected.


  1. Press the ‘that’ link within the ‘if this then that’ text.


  1. Search for and select MessageBird in the service list.


  1. Select the action to ‘Send an SMS’.


  1. Enter the recipient’s phone number. The number must be in international format, with the country code immediately followed by the number (like so: 3112345678).


  1. Enter the originator (sender ID) of your choice. You have a maximum of 11 alphanumeric characters.


  1. Write the body of the message. You can also employ the ‘Ingredients’ that IFTTT’s trigger will offer you. These ingredients will differ from trigger to trigger.


  1. Enter your MessageBird API token. You can find this token by logging in to the dashboard, and then visiting the API menu on the left. From there, select the ‘API ACCESS’ tab. Click the ‘COPY’ button to copy your REST API key to the clipboard so you can easily paste it later.

(If you don’t have a REST API key, you can create one with the ‘Add access key’ button on the right of the screen.)



  1. Press Save.


  1. Give your new Applet a name and hit ‘Finish’!


And that’s it! Now, every time the event that will trigger your message occurs, an SMS with the content you wrote will be sent to the recipient you chose.