Setup Email to SMS in just 3 easy steps

If you want to use Email to SMS, the first thing to do is to configure the email address that your messages will come from. Go to the section called Products > Email to SMS in your MessageBird Account and follow the three steps detailed below.

Step 1: add an email address

In the Email to SMS section, hit the ‘+E-mail’ button in the top right-hand corner and follow the instructions. After entering the details, the following message will appear:

Step 2: configure the email address

The configuration of your email address can be done by changing the email settings. There are two ways to do this:

  1. At domain level; or
  2. At email address level.

Configuration at domain level

If you want to add multiple email addresses, choose the configuration 'at domain level'. The settings will automatically be applied to all underlying email addresses.

Hit the  icon shown behind the domain name. The following pop-up appears on your screen.

Enter your preferences and hit ‘Edit’ to save the changes. Below is an explanation of each component.

Default originator:
Choose whether you want to use your email address as the originator of your messages or select 'Use the following originator' and enter a name. You cannot use spaces here, and you are limited to 11 alphanumeric characters and 16 numeric characters.

Do mind that in some countries, the use of (alpha)numeric originators (sender IDs) is restricted. Consult our section with features & restrictions for more info about this.

SMS in subject:
When you select this option, the input from the email subject line will be used as the actual message of the SMS.

DLR status:
Choose whether you want to receive a status report and which report youwould like to receive. Choose from 'All status reports', 'No delivery reports' or 'Not delivered'.

DLR email address:
Here, you can specify to which email address you would like to receive status reports.

Error email address:
Choose the email address that error reports should be sent to.

Configuration at email address-level

Would you like to set a different configuration depending on the email address? No problem! Just hit the  icon shown behind the email address and a pop-up appears. Select 'Edit settings manually' under the 'Domain settings', enter your preferences and then hit 'Edit'.

Step 3: send an Email to SMS message

Now you can send an SMS message from the configured email address. Just open your email client and follow these steps:

  • Enter the phone number of your recipient, followed by in the 'To' field.
  • The subject line will be the originator (unless you have chosen a different sender in the configuration).
  • Enter your message into the text area (unless you have ticked the option that you want the subject line to be the SMS message).

See the example below to see how this process will appear to both you and the recipient.



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